5 Steps – Power of Community

5 steps to discover the magic behind the

Power of Community:


1.- You become CausesFunding.TEAM Volunteer

Always Free & Quick online process.  No Purchases, minimums or obligations ever required!


2.- Volunteer Share every day Posts in Social Media to build a TEAM

An easy yet very Powerful process (Challenges), almost anyone can become a Volunteer!
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3.- Someone in your TEAM shop online and a Referral commission is generated

Volunteers buy directly from over 1,500 Top online Retailers in 20 categories (Expedia, Amazon, Bestbuy, etc.)



4.- Charities selected by Volunteers receive Referral Donations

Pick from over 6,300 Charities in all categories registered at CausesFunding.TEAM




5.- CausesFunding.TEAM distribute CASH between TEAM members

A lifetime Passive Income for a financially stable situation



Help yourself by Helping others!


Don’t you believe us? Just try the Power of Community!

Power of Community - CausesFunding.TEAM


Vast sources of Volunteers to growth your TEAM will only take you 5 minutes every day!

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