5 Steps – Power of Community

5 steps to discover the magic behind the

Power of Community:


1.- You become CausesFunding.TEAM Volunteer

Always Free & Quick online process.  No Purchases, minimums or obligations ever required!


2.- Volunteer Share every day Posts in Social Media to build a TEAM

An easy yet very Powerful process (Challenges), almost anyone can become a Volunteer!
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3.- Someone in your TEAM shop online and a Referral commission is generated

Volunteers buy directly from over 1,500 Top online Retailers in 20 categories (Expedia, Amazon, Bestbuy, etc.)



4.- Charities selected by Volunteers receive Referral Donations

Pick from over 6,300 Charities in all categories registered at CausesFunding.TEAM




5.- CausesFunding.TEAM distribute CASH between TEAM members

A lifetime Passive Income for a financially stable situation


Challenges performance (what you do) is about you, but TEAM success is really about us. Success is about the Community.




Help yourself by Helping others!


Don’t you believe us? Just try the Power of Community!

Power of Community - CausesFunding.TEAM


Vast sources of Volunteers to growth your TEAM will only take you 5 minutes every day!

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