CausesFunding.TEAM Mission & Goals

Help Charities & People financially worldwide.


Become a Volunteer and start helping, generate the Power of Community!

CausesFunding.TEAM Volunteers

CausesFunding.TEAM Volunteers


I. Volunteers join CausesFunding.TEAM Free to help Charities & generate Passive Income for them and their TEAM.
II. Top Retailers (1,500+) pay Referral Fees to CausesFunding.TEAM for purchases online and also for Deals & Coupons(Savings over Savings).
III. CausesFunding.TEAM split net benefits after expenses between Charities (50%) & You and your TEAM (50%).
IV. A Volunteer creates a TEAM with his Friends, Family, Peers, Press, Public Figures, Charities, Teens, Universities, Alumni, Veterans, Bloggers, Press Reporters, Companies, Clubs, etc. (TEAM Builder – Volunteer Sources)
TEAM Builder – Challenges are a step by step process to grow Volunteers in your TEAM and become a true Influencer Volunteer using Social Media.
V. Deals, Coupons and Online purchases by Volunteers are executed directly with Top Retailersthru CausesFunding.TEAM
VI. No Investment or purchase is required at any time (Avoid anything that requires you to pay them first).
VII. Who can participate and become a CausesFunding.TEAM Volunteer?  Almost anyone!
Help yourself by helping others! 



To help over 6,000 Charities & 1 million people (Volunteers) worldwide to generate donations, passive income & improve their financial situation by 2020.

CausesFunding.TEAM Promises & Code of Ethics:


  • We share Referral Commissions with Charities, you and your TEAM.
  • We will never sell Products or Services.
  • The volunteers’ earned money is deposited in a bank account.
  • You have a detailed statement of your earnings at all times.
  • You can withdraw your money at any time (minimum apply).
  • We will credit your commissions as soon as we receive them.
  • There is a detailed explanation of our relationship.
  • We respect your Privacy and safeguard your Information.
  • Always offer a written explanation that you can easily understand.
  • We Respond to your questions as soon as possible.
  • We help Entrepreneurs (Volunteers) to Start their Online business.
  • Please read the Terms & Conditions and Volunteer Agreement to understand your rights & obligations.

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