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CausesFunding.TEAM entrepreneurial model generates lifetime Passive Income.

All passive income requires at least one of the following elements:
  • An upfront Monetary investment – CausesFunding.TEAM = NO
  • An upfront Time investment – CausesFunding.TEAM = YES
  • Referral of Friends / Fans – Share CausesFunding.TEAM = YES

Life Time Passive Income

What can CausesFunding.TEAM be for you?
Own a new Business with no investment as an Entrepreneur or equal to a permanent Job where I can´t be fired!
CausesFunding.TEAM is a bridge to Financial Freedom, you need to have the discipline, courage, and determination to make it a reality.
Can I really earn a living working daily the CausesFunding.TEAM Challenges method?
Yes, but you need to create your TEAM and grow it to at least a 500 Volunteers  “Captain TEAM ” to earn sufficient money.

Entrepreneur Model (Online Referral & Marketing Business)

CausesFunding.TEAM has developed a proven process you can follow to guarantee your success (TEAM Builder – Challenges), equivalent to a small business online:


1.- Become a Volunteer (No Investment or Purchase Necessary).
2.- Use your Social Media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn accounts) to find and grow your Friends, Family or peers as potential Volunteers (Your Asset).
3. Every time that you Share a CausesFunding.TEAM post from you CausesFunding.TEAM account your social media friends and followers view it.
4.- Use the TEAM Builder Tool to manage Information and track results.
  • Track Prospects process to become Volunteers (Your Job).
  • Establish an expert Reputation for yourself within your TEAM by sharing everyday Posts (Development).
  • Follow up with your Friends through Post campaigns, likes to posts become new volunteers opportunities (Business Growth).
  • Increase your Commissions with your “Friends Friends” shopping commissions (Your Success).


5.- Volunteers shop online all kind of Products and Services directly from Top Retailers (1,500 plus) such as Amazon, Apple, Walmart, Groupon, Ali Express, Expedia, Avis, Avon, Best Buy, etc.
As an entrepreneur, your success or failure will be a result of how well you maximize your strengths and execute!

Entrepreneur Challenges

If you have more than 250 volunteers on your TEAM, you are already a great Entrepreneur, your challenge is to increase the people under your influence and profit from your relationships.
The first question?  Are you an Entrepreneur?
Entrepreneur Attributes:
Ambition. Are you will put 70 hours a week without a pay?  If so you are ambitious. Do you want to be successful or you needed to be successful? Any time is a good time to start a business, CausesFunding.TEAM is a great option because it doesn´t need an investment so there is NO risk.
Creativity. You come with new ideas all the time and you are hungry to implement them?
Tenacity.  Is critical when you are starting a new business. You will make a lot of mistakes, and you will have to fix them. Bad economy hurt businesses and you probably won´t survive. That won´t be CausesFunding.TEAM case.
- Tolerance. Risk Tolerance is key to start a business. You will have to be willing to lose it all because you know the world is not always fair and rewards hard work. Your TEAM will never decrease over no circumstance.
Intuition. Certain individuals are better at feeling what is going to happen and come up with better response to unknown questions.
Personality. You need a personality to tackle all the challenges that come to you and act to resolve them.


The Big Reward!

When you reach 10,000 Volunteers (Press Publications, Public Figures, Charities Volunteer´s plus Friends + “Friends Friends” under social media) under your TEAM influence. All kind of Volunteers, Teens, Seniors, Special Needs Individuals, Veterans, etc.
CausesFunding.TEAM will support your efforts with a “Premium TEAM Builder Tool” and the support of a personal assistant to leverage your capabilities and skills.
The Power of Shared Money and Collaboration thru Knowledge!