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International Volunteers & Charities are welcome to participate under certain rules.

- Volunteers – You just need to register with an email and most Retailers manage their Web sites with International versions. We can not assure that all commission will be credited but we will love to hear from you when one is not credited to improve our processes.

- International Charities – Are welcome and should follow one the next steps:

How Charitable Tax Deductions Work for International Giving
CausesFunding.TEM can contribute to your international cause through an organization that is not registered as tax-exempt with the IRS in the US, so we can receive a charitable tax deduction.
There are many US registered nonprofits that work internationally. They include well-known names such as:
Receiving Internationally Donations through a Charitable Gift Account
Another way to receive donations abroad, so CausesFunding.TEAM can receive Charitable Tax deduction is through a donor-advised fund.
Donors can set up charitable gift accounts through a national charitable fund such as Schwab Charitable, and the Calvert Foundation.
Donor-advised funds work well for donors with at least $5,000 to invest. Contributions are tax-deductible and can be in the form of cash or securities.
Schwab Charitable recommends two ways to contribute to international causes.
You can also use an intermediary organization, in conjunction with your donor-advised fund, such as:
Intermediary organizations do charge a fee but they have many benefits such as identifying legitimate and effective charities in other countries.