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Posts – Daily communications by Volunteers or Potential Volunteers that Share knowledge and information on how CausesFunding.TEAM works!
The main purpose is for a Volunteer to inform her/his TEAM and future Volunteers to understand and join CausesFunding.TEAM
TEAM Builder Challenges


Thought plus Action equals Results
The Program that puts YOU in Control of Success. 
Motivation is always key to accomplish your goals by taking actions.

Shopping Tips & Deals

You are always on the hunt for a great bargain, shopping online can offer some attractive savings opportunities that you won’t find at your nearest department store. Review CausesFunding.TEAM everyday DEALS & Coupons and Tips on how to optimize your purchasing power.
Shopping Tips - Quadruple Rewards
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How does it work?

CausesFunding.TEAM develops and improve a series of actions taken in order to achieve results (Challenges) such as Volunteer sources for recruitment, growth a TEAM, share Posts, etc. 

Holidays & Events

CausesFunding.TEAM use time in advance to build volunteer´s audience base. By running Post campaigns with enough lead time, Volunteers have a better opportunity to create awareness of online purchases benefits that will generate donations and TEAM contributions.
Online Shopping
Generate Donations + Earnings from your TEAM
All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.  Abraham Lincoln
Second biggest sales date from the entire year
Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters

A natural disaster can cause loss of life or property damage, CausesFunding.TEAM helps charities to generate donations and Survivors may be Volunteers, create a TEAM and EARN funds. 

Personal Finances / Business Management

CausesFunding.TEAM helps Volunteers to generate Earnings 
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