Send Power Letters to potential Volunteers

Send Power Letters/emails to Organizations and High Power Individuals with a large number of members with the potential to become Volunteers such as:

Public Figures, Alumni Associations, Universities, Labor Unions, Fraternities, Clubs, Companies, Bloggers, Free Press Release, Fundraisers, etc.

Charities and Foundations related to War Veterans, Special Needs Individuals, Senior Citizens, Single Parents, Teens, etc.
Among Public Figures, you can invite them to create a TEAM thru their Social Media, Sports teams, Players, Singers, Actors, Musicians, Comedians, Models, TV Hosts, Authors, Journalists.


Executive Summary – Short Form

What can CausesFunding.TEAM do/be for your Organization?
Your organization members join and become Volunteers (free) and belong to your organization TEAM. Your TEAM can increase donations by inviting Volunteers friends thru social media Posts sharing.
Someone in the TEAM purchases directly from over 1,500 plus top online retailers (Amazon, Walmart, Expedia, Target, Bestbuy, Alibaba, etc.) CausesFunding.TEAM collects referral commissions.
The commission is split 50% to selected Charities and 50% to the Volunteer and his/her TEAM.
Help yourself by helping others.


Organization Invitation Letter – Long Form


My name is ______________, I (study, work, participate, admire) _____________ “Organization” and want to introduce CausesFunding.TEAM, where I am a Volunteer and I think and strongly recommend to evaluate, it as a great source to generate permanent Donations to your (Charity, Foundation, Organization) and also help Volunteers to earn contributions.
Let me explain how it works and the implementation process:
A.- www.CausesFunding.TEAM has developed the first-ever Donations Referral Program.
Help yourself by helping others!
Causes Earn contributions from volunteers everyday online spending.
We support causes to create a network of volunteers that donate Referral Contributions and create a TEAM of Volunteers with their Friends & Family and their “friends-friends”.
B.- CausesFunding.TEAM has negotiated with hundreds of partner Retailers and something very important is that cash donations are additional money to the member’s current Loyalty, Points, Miles or Cash Back programs.
The invaluable contribution of volunteers buying directly from Major retailers that award Contributions to CausesFunding.TEAM. That is what we called “The Power of Community“.
C.- Build an effective volunteer program and diversify fundraising sources into a permanent and exponential growth program. CausesFunding.TEAM is a professional approach to a volunteer fundraising program.
What are the Volunteer Costs to join the Program? NONE, just sign up and if they want, recommend Friends. Volunteers log into and search by Store, Deals or Product, click and you will be contributing and take advantage of daily updated Deals, Coupons and special offers from our Partner Retailers.
D.- Another easy but powerful way to bust your cause contributions is for Volunteers to recommend friends and family to join CausesFunding.TEAM program using the TEAM Builder Tool in the Platform to manage the process.
Causes can Register as a “Volunteer” to create a TEAM and receive Double donations.
E.- Let me give you an example when a volunteer book a trip thru CauseFunding.TEAM platform with its favorite online agency as a volunteer, CausesFunding.TEAM receives around 4% in a contribution.
Volunteers can shop from thousands of top brands and all kinds of products and services like Electronics, Home Appliances, Clothing, Pharmacy, Fragrances. Something important is that they buy directly from Retailers. Leverage your Volunteers effort to build a true Global Community thru CausesFunding.TEAM Program and expand your Cause role in the community thru effective communication.
F.- Referral Fees Distribution: after CausesFunding.TEAM expenses the remaining contributions goes 50% to up to 5 charities picked by the Volunteer and the other 50% to the Volunteer and his TEAM.
Engage Causes Leaders to promote among Volunteers innovative forms of fundraising while stimulating Volunteers. CausesFunding.TEAM works with your Cause to create a Fundraising case model based on your Vision and set and monitor metrics to achieve goals.
G.- The Program attract and retain the next generation of Volunteers (Digital) to your Cause. Develop Volunteers education and conscience related to the needy.
CausesFunding.TEAM follows Charities Ethical guidelines and a strict code of ethics.
Your Cause should touch lives to generate Philanthropy and CausesFunding.TEAM is the Program and Marketing support to archive it.
Something important is to use the “Short Link” that is the way to assign all the new volunteers coming from __________ (organization) to my TEAM.
My cellular phone is xxx.xxxx

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