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Earn attractive commissions with our new Affiliate Program!

You can always find best prices on fragrances and beauty products at!
We offer luxury perfumes and colognes, including a wide range of makeup, skin, hair, bath & body, oral care, and all other kinds of beauty products.

We offer the following commission to our affiliate partners:
Commission rate:

8% for all fragrance (Fragrance & Cologne)
10% on all cosmetic products
6% on items which are on fragrance SALE
8% on items which are on cosmetic SALE

These commissions are valid for purchases of new customers. For purchases of current customers, you wil get half commission (i.e. 3-5%). Current customer = customer, who made at least one purchase in the e-shop in the last 6 months.

The average amount spent on an order is 60 USD and the amount of processed orders per month is 1600.

Cookie lifetime is 15 days.

SEM and PPC are not allowed!

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