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The Power of Community to growth your TEAM

Together Everyone Achieve More


Every CausesFunding.TEAM successful Volunteer understands and knows that her or his achievement depends on a community of persons working together, that is our definition of a TEAM.

CausesFunding.TEAM is organized based on the sense of Community that can provide it´s Volunteers” a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

The Awesome Power of Shared Money shows how understanding the basics of money flow can help you build deep business relationships to evolved to friendships rooted in a shared commitment to financial growth.


A “Virtual Community” that consists of Volunteers to create TEAMs to growth donations and lifelong passive income.

An organized network of people with a common agenda. Generate Donations plus personal Income by sharing Commissions, Posts, Ideas, Information, and other resources: 


Support and belief. 

Some days those big goals seem impossible.
When you want to give up, you need to lean on your TEAM the most. They believe in you probably more than you believe in yourself.


Pushing our limits. 

When working alone, it’s easy to give up when things get tough.
Surrounding yourself by your TEAM working toward a goal. You will get motivation, support, and friendly competition to push yourself just a bit further than you would have done on your own.


New ideas. 

We believe that when you are working within a community of like-minded people that the wisdom of crowds is considerably higher than any one person working alone. TEAM Builder Challenges


Collective wisdom. 

Nobody has all of the answers, and regardless of the amount of knowledge, accessing some expert in your TEAM is always going to give you better information.


Borrowed strength & motivation. 

When loose confidence, doing what needs to get done can seem overwhelming. Look at your TEAM and be inspired!



1. Share with Friends. 

No more natural way to expand your TEAM than to publish to your friends & family our every day Posts using the TEAM Builder Tool. The “friend-of-a-friend” connection is reliable and a successful way to grow a TEAM of Volunteers to join CausesFunding.TEAM.

2. Participate in professional forums. 

LinkedIn is a great forum to encounter new potential volunteers to meet. Some Volunteers Sources can increase your TEAM.

3. Join professional or trade organizations (LinkedIn). People who share the same goals than joining one or more organizations. Once you’re a member, you’ll usually get access to members which can open up many new perspectives to build your TEAM of Volunteers. All organizations have Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

4. Online Networking events. 

This technique is a definite option for adding more people to your TEAM. Groups hold events are significant, including colleges, professional and industry associations, chambers of commerce. Community calendars like Meetup can be a schedule online or in your local newspaper for details.

5. Volunteer Growth. 

Your time and effort to needy causes are your strength to build a TEAM because you are working side by side with potential volunteers who share your passion for helping others. Find organizations that need Funding and introduce CausesFunding.TEAM

6. Join or increase your activity on social and professional networking sites. 

Once you’re a member of Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +,  or Twitter, you can add friends to your TEAM, reconnecting with peers who attended the same schools. Social Media connections are not nearly as strong as personal connections, but that should not stop you from applying this powerful technique.

7. Contact former professors, school alumni associations and career workplaces.

One of the strongest ties that facilitate in building new volunteers for your TEAM is sharing the bond of a school or university. Creating further contacts with folks related along with your school offers you a solid base of shared experiences and a powerful association to build it. 


8. Join or increase your activity on social and professional networking sites. 

Once you’re a member of Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +,  or Twitter, you can add friends to your TEAM, reconnecting with people who attended the same schools.

9. Be a part of the Club.

Employment clubs could be smart networking expertise as a result of the folks meet there all have experienced, and therefore they want to a replacement income. Run in the proper way; employment club could be a real and rewardable experience, and the opportunity to assist yourself.


CausesFunding.TEAM is an excellent opportunity to start your Business or have a permanent job.


10. Conduct informational interviews. There is no better strategy for recruiting Volunteers for your TEAM than to search and add people to your TEAM than to conduct informational interviews. You start with someone in your profession/industry whose brain you can pick about how s/he got their start.

11. Contact former peers, co-workers, clients, vendors, Bosses. As we move from company to company,  we lose contact with people. You had a relationship with them; you can restart it by reconnecting with them thru sharing posts in social media. 


Final Thoughts — TEAM Builder Strategies

Above all TEAM Building is a reciprocal relationship. You may be seeking help uncovering Volunteer leads today, but tomorrow someone in your TEAM may be asking for your help. Never be afraid to ask people to join as a Volunteer and be part of your TEAM. But do ask them to purchase anything. When meeting new people, don’t make it all about you; ask about the other person and what s/he does for a living.

Always carry CausesFunding.TEAM – Influencer Volunteer,  business cards, have a short speech introduction ready.