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CausesFunding.TEAM corporate identity or image is the manner in which we and our Volunteers present to potential Volunteers as well to Organizations.
The corporate identity is typically visualized by the way of branding and the use of trademarks, but also include things like advertising, public relations etc..

Business Cards

Key elements of your Card:


1.- CausesFunding.TEAM logo
2.- Your Name & Title
The titles that we recommend are the following,
  • Volunteer
  • Influencer Volunteer
  • Fundraiser
  • Professional Fundraiser
3.- Tagline (CausesFunding.TEAM description)
Help yourself by helping others! 
4.  Contact Information
An extremely pertinent element of your business card is providing your prospective contacts with the best options to contact you (email, phone number).
Phone Number: A phone number is also a great communication choice. You may include your direct business line, or even a mobile number if you wish.
Website Address: Listing your CausesFunding.TEAm website address with your Short Link ID is a great way to introduce you as a Fundraiser to prospective new Volunteers or Organizations. Most people like to research your organization before calling or contacting you. What better way than to start with your website?
Social Media Links: Include one or two social media handles that you regularly update.


Business Cards trusted Suppliers:

Vista Print

Morning Print



CausesFunding.TEAM email Account

When you reach 500 Volunteers under your TEAM, you can Request your personalize CausesFunding.TEAM email: Always include in your business card an email address (preferably, one that is connected to your CausesFunding.TEAM account, i.e., name.surname@causesfunding.team